Kubernetes Ingress.

Ingress- Flow

The Ingress is a Kubernetes resource that lets you configure an HTTP load balancer for applications running on Kubernetes, represented by one or more Services. Such a load balancer is necessary to deliver those applications to clients outside of the Kubernetes cluster.

The Ingress resource supports the following features:

  • Content-based routing:
  • Host-based routing. For example, routing requests with the host header foo.example.com to one group of services and the host header bar.example.com to another group.
  • Path-based routing. For example, routing requests with the URI that starts with /serviceA to service A and requests with the URI that starts with /serviceB to service B.
  • TLS/SSL termination for each hostname, such as foo.example.com

What is the Ingress Controller?

The Ingress controller is an application that runs in a cluster and configures an HTTP load balancer according to Ingress resources. The load balancer can be a software load balancer running in the cluster or a hardware or cloud load balancer running externally. Different load balancers require different Ingress controller implementations.




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Khemnath chauhan

Stay hungry; Stay Foolish!!

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